SAK (sincere acts of kindnessSmall Acts of Kindness or long as they are sincere

Performing a SAK is child's play.  It does not require money, power or a grand does require sincerity.  Sharing your lunch, opening a door, a pat on the back for a job well done are all acts of kindness when done with sincerity.  It's not about you, it's about someone else.  A SAK can be big or small, you and only you know what that other person needs.  When we routinely practice SAK, we become in tune with the needs around us. There is no right or wrong, small acts of kindness enveloped in words of kindness is the recipe for a SAK well done.

small acts of kindness   words of kindness

  Life has a way of overwhelming us.  When we look at the big picture it looks BIG and     we often walk away discouraged.  Sock Monkey Nation is here to tell you that the      "Biggies" in life can broken down into  "mini's" where results are seen in small  
   increments.  That is what SAK-ing someone is all about.  Small acts of kindness that  
   create positive change one SAK at a time
The ABC's of SAK-ing someone

S=Sincerity(this provides the correct motive)

A=Attitude(believe in what you are about to do)

K=Kindness(kindness delivers a kindness)

Word of warning: Saking can be addiction...proceed with a smile!