sock monkey nation kindness is the purest definition of kindness

Sock Monkey Nation Kindness in it's

purest form is gentle, caring and sincere

Who are we and why was Sock Monkey Nation created

Sock Money Nation is the joint venture of a Nana and her

two grandchildren, William and Kaleigh. The sole purpose of Sock Monkey Nation is to help spark an interest in creating a kinder world by sincerely and purposefully engaging in SAK's (sincere acts of kindness) and by adopting a few "sockisms" (reflective thoughts) into our daily lives. Sock Monkey Nation is built on the simplicity of the sock monkey toy.  A sock monkey is not a toy of war, fashion or huge expense but rather one that embodies kindness, peace and love. We are not about race, religion, politics or economic standing. It is our hope that you will join us in spreading the word, practicing SAK's and adopting a few sockisms into your world!   Please also visit our anti-bullying page~

Sincerely, Cindi Walton